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2005: U13 CFC Girls United & Evolution

Welcome to CFC United ‘05 and CFC Evolution ‘05

CFC '05 United and Evolution Teams

CFC ’05 United and Evolution Teams

We currently have two U12 (born 2005) girls’ competitive teams. Both teams train with the same coaches and are built on the same philosophy, much like a high school varsity and junior varsity program. We play in the GBYSL Competitive League in the Fall and Spring seasons, and we also compete in tournaments throughout the year. CFC United is currently playing in the Competitive Gold Division, and CFC Evolution is currently playing in the Competitive Silver Division. We will be having open tryouts for both teams coming up in June.

Philosophy: Cultivating knowledge, skill, teamwork, and love for soccer. Our focus is on the long-term development of competitive players and strong character.

Cultivating Knowledge: We have a great team of coaches to train and develop our team. Head Coach Timothy Plummer is a US Soccer D license coach and (4) of the assistant

Soccer player development pyramid.

Soccer player development pyramid.

coaches have their E or F licenses. We continue to learn and develop as coaches through ongoing training and attaining the necessary licenses and certifications necessary to take our teams to the next level.

Cultivating Skill: Building a solid foundation of technical skill is our primary focus at this age. As you can see from this diagram, designed by Coerver Coaching, the foundation of a player’s development is their ball skills, receiving, and passing. Therefore we will use effective skill-appropriate drills that are fun and challenging to our players to ensure building a strong foundation and momentous growth from year to year.

Cultivating Teamwork: Having a positive team culture is very important to us. This means that all the players, coaches, and parents are expected to demonstrate positive attitudes and good sportsmanship to each other and other teams. We believe in building strong team chemistry and support, and we enjoy spending time together on and off the field.

Cultivating Love for Soccer: Enjoying soccer and everything the sport has to offer, is vital for success both short-term and long-term. We love soccer and everything the game has to offer. We strive to let that shine through our words and actions both on and off the field.

For More Information, Please Contact Us:
Timothy Plummer – Coach 775-720-9158
Gena Plummer – Manager 775-835-1467