Tournament Rules

2018 Wild West Shootout Tournament Rules (Rev 5-18-17)

This tournament shall be played in accordance with FIFA rules as modified by the following changes and additions:


Properly validated USYSA, US CLUB, AYSO, Player passes will be required. A properly validated team roster which contains player names as well as dates of birth and player medical releases must be present at all games. Team representatives will present credentials at Team check-in on Friday or at the field one hour before first scheduled game. Alternate check-in may be arranged by request by contacting the Tournament Director.

Age divisions are birth year as per current US Soccer guidelines. Eligible players are those whose names appear on the official team’s roster. Exceptions to the age quidelines may be granted by the Tournament committee including but not limited to use of GBYSL Spring 2017 approved “playdown” players. Any challenges to player eligibility MUST be made BEFORE the start of the game to a Tournament Official.


U10 | 7v7 | Maximum Roster Size Twelve (12) Players | Three (3) guest players maximum.

U11-U12, | 9v9 | Maximum Roster Size Fifteen (15) Players | Four (4) guest players maximum.

U13-U19, | 11v11 | Maximum Roster Size Eighteen (18) Players | Five (5) guest players maximum.

Proper documentation must be provided at check-in.

All guest players must have proper documentation, which includes the above credentials as well as a USYSA Player Action Form filled out and signed by lending coach.



U10 – U12 Boys-(2) 25 minute halves

U13 – U19 (2) 30 minute halves


U10 – U12 Girls (2) 25 minute halves

U13 – U19 (2) 30 minute halves

All matches will be terminated no less than (5) minutes prior to the start of the next scheduled match. All divisions will have a (5) minute half-time break.

Teams must be checked in 30 minutes prior to the game start time.

NOTE:  Injury time will NOT be added to the length of the game, except under the most extenuating circumstances. This will be at the discretion of the referee. THERE WILL BE NO OVER TIME PLAY IN ANY REGULAR GAME.

Semi Final Games If the score is tied at the end of regulation time in the semi final games, kicks from the penalty spot will be taken per FIFA rules to determine the winner.

Championship Games: If the score is tied at the end of regulation time in the Championship games, the teams will have a 5 min. break then start over-time play. Over-time consists of two (2) 5 minute halves with the Golden Goal Rule in effect. If it is still tied at the end of the second overtime period, kicks from the penalty spot will be taken per FIFA rules to determine the winner. Only players on the field at the end of Overtime are eligible to take a Penalty Kick.



Teams shall be awarded points for match results as follows:

(6) Points for each win.

(0) Points for each loss.

(3) Points for each tie.

(1) Point for shut out

(1) Point for each goal up to 3 goals

(-1) Point deducted for each red card and/or ejection received including Coaches and Spectators

(-1) Point will be deducted for each goal by which a team exceeds a goal differential of 8 in a single game 

  1. For a forfeit match, the winner will be credited with a 3-0 win, and awarded (10) Points (six for the win, one for the goal and one for a shut out). A team abandoned by another team during a match will be awarded at full (10) points. The results of that match shall be based on the score at the time of the abandonment.  No points will be awarded to the team that abandoned the match.
  2. No points will be awarded if neither team shows up.
  3. Any team leaving the field prior to determination of a winner shall forfeit the match.
  4. The total number of points accumulated during group play will determine consolation and playoff games for each division, except in the case of a 5 team bracket, it will also determine final standings for that division.



At the conclusion of the final or championship matches, first (1st) place in each age group will receive individual medals, and the coach will receive a “Tournament Champion” trophy; second (2nd) place will receive individual medals.

Awards will be presented immediately after the respective playoff game, or at the conclusion of the final game in each division.  Award presentations will be held at the large, white check in tent by field 4. There will be no awards mailed.



Ties in FLIGHT standings will be broken by employing a tiebreaker.  If more than two teams are involved in the tie, the first team to move ahead of the remaining teams will be awarded the highest place, and the tiebreakers continued until all ties are broken.

  1. Head to head (if all teams played each other.)
  2. Largest goal differential (max. of plus or minus (5) per match)
  3. Least goals allowed. ((5) max)
  4. Most goals scored (maximum of (5) per match)
  5. FIFA penalty kicks (site and time at the discretion of the Tournament Director).
    1. (7) Players for U10, (9) Players for U11-U12, and (11) Players for U13-U19 from each team must be ready to participate within (5) minutes of the appointed time or else that team will forfeit its opportunity to prevail in the tiebreaker.



MANDATORY substitution for a potential head injury, AND for any player injured that require coach’s attention on field.  Ejected (Red carded) players may NOT be substituted; they are to leave the field and area immediately. Substitutions are allowed with the referee’s approval at any stoppage of play as per FIFA rules.



Good sportsmanship shall prevail. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, parents and spectators. ALL PERSONS MUST REMAIN AT LEAST THREE (3) FEET BEHIND THE TOUCH LINES.

Coaching shall be done from an area ten (10) yards from either side of the mid-field line.

Any player receiving a red card will have a one game suspension. A 2 game suspension will be given for (a) violent conduct (b) foul and abusive language



The team listed FIRST on the schedule for each game is considered the “Home Team”.  The Home team will get ball and direction – there will be NO coin toss until the Championship Games. The Game Balls are provided by the home team!

Home team jersey should be a lighter-colored jersey. Away team jersey should be darker-colored jersey. The HOME team will be responsible for change of jerseys when conflict of color occurs.



Field Marshals will issue a game card for each game. Rosters are to be filled out in Got soccer prior to the tournament, by the deadline provided by the tournament director. Incomplete game cards will need to be completed by the team at Check-in. The referee will complete the game card and the Field Marshal will pick it up after each game. Coaches are to sign the game card at the field after the game to confirm scores.



Shin guards are mandatory.

Socks are to be worn on the outside of the shin guard or completely covering the shin guard.

Uniform shirts must be tucked in before the start of the game and start of the half. All teams must have an alternate jersey color.

Warm clothing may be worn under the uniform.

No jewelry of any kind is allowed!

Taping of earrings is not acceptable.

Pony tail holders with small metal reinforcements and flat metal clips are acceptable.

However, if the referee will not accept these accessories, then changes must be made before the player is allowed on the field.

Orthopedic casts and braces MUST be padded and allowed at the discretion of the referee.



Matches will be played in all weather conditions, unless the Center Referee or Tournament Director determines the conditions are dangerous and/or life threatening as per FIFA/USYSA/USYSNV regulations. The tournament standings at that time will be final. No refunds will be given unless the tournament as a whole is cancelled!

Contingency Plan:

Plan A:  All matches will be played as scheduled

Plan B:  Shorten all first round matches to 15 min. halves.

Plan C:  Plan B, plus shorten all second round matches the same.

Plan D:  Plan C, plus shorten all third round matches the same.

Plan E:  In the event the fields become totally unplayable or the weather becomes hazardous condition, it may be necessary to decide some matches with FIFA penalty kicks.


The Tournament Committee has the authority to alter the schedule, move matches to the next day or move match sites for the good of the tournament. All matches will be played.


The Tournament Committee shall settle all disputes and their decision is final. NO protests will be allowed.

Any verbal abuse directed at committee members, referees or other volunteers would result in suspension and ejection from the tournament, and may include the forfeit of all remaining matches.

Referees have complete authority during all matches and will not allow abusive or profane language, threats of any kind or style of play that detracts from the Game of Soccer.

The Tournament Committee is the final authority in ALL matters!

**We apologize for any misspelled words, omissions, or typographical errors.*