Our Coaches
Carson FC: Coaches Overview

Welcome Prospective Coaches and Parents!!

Please read about how we support our coaches who intern will support and develop their players. 

Our mission is to drive down costs for players and coaches so they can each focus on having fun and developing their skills.  We want to provide the best value in our community.

All coaches receive the following to help improve their skills as well as provide opportunity to the local community and players.

  1. US Soccer Training and Licensing paid for by Carson FC

  2. Outfit each team with equipment Day 1

  3. Provide discounted tournament play at other tournaments ($200+ savings)

  4. Free entry ($700 value) into the Wild West Shootout (approx 105 teams play each year from all over the area as well as ID and CA)

  5. Coaches childs league fees and registration waived, maybe shared with Assistant Coach or Manager (e.g., 50/50)

  6. Team Fundraising opportunities to generate money for their team (e.g. for uniforms, tournament registration, etc).  Did you know there is approx $25K in ANNUAL opportunity for your our teams?  Again, we want to make soccer affordable for our community.

Our goal is to make you as successful as you can be through professional soccer training, developing your players to be the best they can be as well as keeping to our core value of making soccer affordable and fun!!

If you are interested in coaching or bringing on a team, please fill out this short form and specify “coaching”: https://goo.gl/forms/LaP8ScDvPJgzqx9g1